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In MotherWay we produce premium quality traditional sweets and snacks. MotherWay is not just a commodity but a vision to promote quality traditional food products and support sustainable community development. We promise not just sustainable society, but also an experience of high quality traditional

We introduce “Karupatti Kadalai Mittai” – Palm Jaggery Peanut candy made up of quality Peanut, palm jaggery and other traditional ingredients.
Palm jaggery, holds within its deep-brown, rock-solid confines, a powerhouse of goodness. Produced using the sap from palm trees, karupatti is good for our bones since its rich in calcium. And when combined with groundnuts, that are protein-rich, the end-product is loaded with health benefits.

What makes Karupatti Kadalai Mittai special?

– It is a tasty, healthy, and natural alternative to everyday snacks
– Women and children can include it in their regular diets
– It helps reduce body heat and excessive body weight
– It takes the veil off the illusion that is diabetes

The humble snack is sure to take us to our childhood days; when our minds and worlds were much less complicated. Made of natural ingredients by the dedicated hands of cottage industry workers, it represents a mother’s unconditional love. And since the mittai is made locally using local ingredients, it improves the livelihood of people in the locality in its own way — directly and indirectly.

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