MotherWay Gets Ready For Festive Season

Remember when moms and grandmas made treats with pure love? That same enchantment fills every Motherway delight.
In a world of machines, we keep the heartfelt touch. Our sweet balls, shaped like Earth, are rolled by moms, dads, daughters, and sons of Motherway. This touch holds our flavor secret.
Rediscover joy in treats woven with human warmth and tradition. At Motherway, we craft memories for your heart and taste buds.

New price of Motherway Products

Festival Gift Boxes :

1.Palm Jaggery Mini Bar Gift Box -Rs.650

2.Delightfull Combo Gift Box – Rs.1000

  1. Festival Mini Combo Gift Box -Rs.400
  2. Festival Special Soft Balls Gift Box – Rs.700

List of products:

1.Palm jaggery Groundnut Bar -110g -Rs.65

2.Palm jaggery Groundnut Bar-220g -Rs.125

3.Palm Jaggery Groundnut Sweet Ball

  -120g -rs.100

4.Palm jaggery Black Seasame Sweet ball

  -100g -rs.140

5.Palm Jaggery White Sesame Ball-100g -rs.140

6.Palm jaggery Black Sesame Mixed soft Ball
  -200g -rs.200
7.Palm Jaggery White Sesame Mixed Soft Ball
 -200g -rs.200

8.Palm Jaggery Flax Seed Sweet Ball
 -200g -rs.200

9.Palm Jaggery Badam Sweet Ball
 -200g -rs.220

10.Palm Jaggery Chia Seed Sweet Ball
 -200g -rs.220

11.Palm Jaggery Cahew Sweet Ball
 -200g -rs.220

12.Palm Jaggery White Sesame Bar (25g) -rs.30

13.Palm Jaggery Black Sesame Bar (25g) -rs.30

14.Palm Jaggery Flax Seed Bar -25g-rs.30

15.Palm Jaggery Groundnut  Bar (25g approx)-mrp 20

16.Palm Jaggery Spirulina Groundnut Bar (25g approx)-mrp 30

17.Palm Jaggery Crushed Groundnut Bar (25g approx) -mrp 20

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