Delightful Christmas Combo Gift Box

Delightful Christmas Combo Gift Box

Delightful Combo Gift Box  (6 Boxes of Palm Jaggery Sweets)

Palm Jaggery Groundnut Sweet Ball
Palm jaggery Black Seasame Sweet ball
Palm jaggery Black Seasame Mixed soft Ball
Palm Jaggery White Seasame Ball
Palm Jaggery White Seasame Mixed Soft Ball
Palm Jaggery Flax Seed Sweet Ball


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The magic of MotherWay lies in the human touch.They say that touch has healing powers.
Back in the days, sweets and snacks made by our mothers and grandmothers tasted special not just because they were prepared with years of experience and lots of love, but also because they were entirely handmade.

The sweet balls that are symbolic of the shape of Mother Earth, are lovingly rolled by the mothers, fathers, daughters and sons of MotherWay. In that human touch, lies the secret of our taste.

1.Sweet Ball -Palm Jaggery Groundnut

Groundnut and palm jaggery are a great combo – crispy, crunchy and supremely tasty. This age-old delicacy is rich with vitamins and proteins. Palm jaggery is the perfect healthcare sweetener, especially for women and children.

2.Sweet Ball – Palm Jaggery Black Sesame

Sesame has been a popular part of our diet because of it’s high protein content. With palm jaggery added to it, you get a delicious crunchy and healthy sweet. Apart from containing Calcium and Magnesium, black sesame is also rich in Vitamin B, Iron and Zinc, which boost your immunity and help balance your body weight.

3. Sweet Ball – Palm Jaggery White Sesame

White sesame is one of our forgotten wonder foods. At MotherWay, finely roasted white sesame is mixed with palm jaggery and lovingly hand-rolled into delicious ball-sized bites of heaven. White sesame is rich in Vitamin B, Iron and Zinc, which boost your immunity and is considered a blessing for weight-watchers.

4.Sweet Ball -Palm Jaggery Flaxseed

Flaxseed, peanuts and palm jaggery is a great combination rich in taste and filled with nutrition. Thanks to its neutral taste, flaxseed is a versatile ingredient with many health benefits. It controls blood pressure, reduces risk of cancer and is good for diabetes patients.

5.Soft Ball -Palm Jaggery Black Seasame Mixed

With groundnut added to black sesame and palm jaggery, these delicious balls are soft and a huge favourite among older people. Apart from the many health benefits, this melt-in-your-mouth sweet is a great addition to your child’s snack dabba, for a boost of energy during the day.

6.Soft Ball -Palm Jaggery White Seasame Mixed

A delightful combination of white sesame, groundnut and palm jaggery, these soft and delicious sweet balls offers a texture and taste that’s unique and healthy. Palm jaggery is a great ingredient for women and children – to boost immunity and improve stamina. White sesame and groundnuts are rich with vitamins and proteins and bring in their own health benefits in maintaing body weight and increasing energy.


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